Love the new studio.

In my closet now. Also, getting rid of all those empty jars I've been accumulating.

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We SO need to de-crap. Been in same house for 26-ish years, 3 kids and many pets. Plus, both sets of parents moved to CCRCs and we got showered with more (but mostly nice) crap.

Still, we’re seriously talking about renting a dumpster and purging. My hubby jokes about lighting a match, but I’d like to be more selective. We have my great-grandmother’s silverware from 1860. That’s the good stuff. Maternity clothes from the 90s? Not so much. 🤪

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Happy De-Crapping Day! This holiday can serve not only our mental health but the needs of others. Let’s go through things that someone else can use seasonally. It’s spring. So for Boston it’s rain wear, galoshes, and pretty dresses.

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