jeepers, how much manufactured crap do you need?

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Dec 19, 2022Liked by Kim Druker Stockwell

I use an app called "Any List" where I keep a variety of different lists and I can share a list with someone. For example, I have our grocery list on the app which I share with my husband so either of us can add to it at any time. I have it organized so that the groceries are set up in the same order as the grocery store. It also has a LOVELY way of crossing things off (and hiding them, if you like) once you've completed something on the list -- positive reinforcement. I have about 8 different lists so I can keep things somewhat straight -- like a list of things for the handyman, list of things for the house cleaner, list of things for the gardener and on it goes. I can also print out from the app so I can give my husband the shopping list on paper!! The basic app is free as well.

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by Kim Druker Stockwell

On keeping lists together (and being able to find them). I use digital tools: notes on my phone, grocery list app that is shared by all family members (that way I don’t leave list at home) but my fave, not yet replaced by a tech solution is a high-quality notebook - Leuchterm for hardcover, Moleskine for soft. With a pen or mechanical pencil attached.

All scribblings, ideas, meeting notes, etc are there, dated, for archeological searching. No, can’t search as with digital tools, but there’s something about writing it on good paper and having it all be there. And yes, you can throw stickies on your pages and even loose lists (but don’t get too crazy). I discovered notebooks early on and have clung to them ever since. My dissertation notes are contained in two Leuchterm hard-covers (with tables of contents!!).

You can have different notebooks for each of the hats you wear: volunteer stuff, work, creative. NOT contributing to the general household order, I keep the full ones. Because. 😀

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