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I interview women passionate about what they do in the now-what phase of life with positivity and humor. If I don’t have an interview ready (it happens), I take you on a field trip, or reflect on something super deep and meaningful. Whatever it is, the WSG newsletter is a positive spin on what is happening now, with candor.

The newsletter is also the first step towards creating the ultimate online experience with adult women as its focus. I hope you will enjoy the newest edition of the newsletter and…. subscribe, and please forward to friends. 

Why start The Women’s Survival Guide? 

I keep running into situations where I wish I had known more. Information to save me time and energy experiencing something that, no doubt, others have experienced and may have easily pointed me in the right direction.  

The Guide will be a place where we can share our experiences and ask our questions anonymously. It will also be a place where we learn that our questions and experiences are not so unique and not something to be self-conscious about. The goal of the Guide is to empower women to help themselves and others through sharing information. 

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Kim Druker Stockwell
Kim lives in Boston with her husband and dog. Their three girls are in college! She paints (www.kimdrukerstockwell.com),too. Stay busy and curious. The real keys to longevity.